Batz Benzer FPV

Andi is a talented and  a passionated Pilot.
He loves to fly "Freetsyle" , doing crazy manouvers and flying through small gaps !
Cinematic flying opened a new universe

Back in 2018 when we started assembling, builiding and flying FPV Quad-Copters, it was not really evident to us where this journey will take us some years later, even with years of experience in RC, Engineering, and Digitalization.

Propspalter FPV

Markus always likes to experiment with new technologies.
Therefore "build, fly, optimise, crash and repeat" ! FPV opened a complete new horizon for him.
And of course he is a passionte pilot as well

We quickly realized how exciting such recordings can be. We were particularly impressed by the opportunity to look at things from a perspective that had previously been super expensive, for example in the past we would have paid for a helicopter including an outside camera to get the same recordings.

We have already completed a few projects and were able to astonish many people with the technology we use. As a rule, we always fly in pairs, as we have noticed that 4 eyes simply see more than 2, and we are used
to work as a team.

We received more and more enquiries as to whether it would not be possible to make a few nice shots for the upcoming wedding party, company anniversary, or private family album with the little ones learning how to ride a bike.

Oculoviso was born.

What we can fly for you ?

We will be happy to provide you with more information as to whether your idea can be implemented if required and are open to the crazy, the new, the unprecedented and therefore the Oculoviso team is looking forward to your contact request via info[at]oculoviso.com or contact form.

The Oculoviso pilot team

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